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Roles, Relationships and Responsibilities in Lifelong learning Essay

Jobs, Relationships and Responsibilities in Lifelong learning - Essay Example The strict lessons must not be planned for spreading the exercises of a specific religion to impact the thought, musings and convictions of the students. Such demonstrations of strict instructing are denied by the law. The lessons of various religion and confidence are, be that as it may, not denied. The instructing of strict training ought not be one-sided and should give equivalent regard to the confidence and conviction of the considerable number of religions. The administrative prerequisites in spite of the fact that forces confinements on the schools to grant strict instruction on a specific conviction or confidence however permits adaptability to the educating of strict training in the provisions of the time and procedure of investigation of strict thoughts and convictions for dispersal to the students. The codes of training for instructing of strict instruction offers freedom to the instructors of strict instruction to draw in into educating of the same number of strict exerci ses and confidence to the understudies yet denies restriction or weight on a specific religion. In this manner the job of educators is significant in building up a non-one-sided condition during the way toward instructing. There is abundant extent of inquiries identified with estimations of life in strict instructing. The codes of training permit educators to address such question in a compelling way so as to confer total lessons in the field of strict instruction. ... The advancement of fairness and valuation of assorted variety in strict lessons is a key region of duty regarding the instructors. The instructors ought to be capable in conferring the strict convictions of all confidence to students. The quality of strict lessons lies in the comprehensive part of the field. The instructors are answerable for non-segregation of essential or explicit religion among the immense field of strict thoughts and convictions. The students ought to have the opportunity to address on any part of religion keeping due regard to the lessons of different religions also. The understudies regardless of their ideas on various religions and culture ought to be dealt with similarly by the instructors. The understudies ought to have the opportunity to raise the inquiries regarding the matter. The instructors ought to appropriate equivalent accentuation to the lessons of all religion so as to accomplish balance in strict lessons. The shortcoming factor is introduced by th e part of decent variety in strict instructing. Consequently the instructor additionally has the obligation of overseeing assorted variety in strict lessons. The instructor ought to have the option to esteem enhanced thoughts and convictions of various religions. The basics of different strict beliefs ought to be unmistakably disclosed to the students. The duties of the educator request evasion of any predisposition and worth the broadened thoughts by building up an extensive investigation of strict lessons. These are the components that impact the duty of the instructors in accomplishing correspondence and esteeming decent variety in strict lessons (Gravells and Simpson, p.56). Assessment of jobs and obligations in the Lifelong learning The assessment of jobs and

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Metamorphoses in Enders Game and Riddley Walker essays

Transforms in Ender's Game and Riddley Walker expositions Transforms and change is a typical topic in science fiction, especially since its theoretical nature may make it that much simpler to consider novel situations and changes improbable in progressively customary fiction. This subject is managed in a generally viable manner in the two sci-fi works of art Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban and Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. In their procedure of creating from adolescence into adulthood, the heroes of both these accounts remain at a cusp of crucial change, and basically live the passing of a whole lifestyle and being. Each responds to this misfortune by reproducing themselves once more from a amalgamation of old and new, incomprehensibly making their mark and conquering their adversaries by merging with them to frame new, more grounded selves. Maybe the most significant thing to acknowledge when drawing nearer these two books is that in the two cases the principle characters are kids. The whole purpose of Ender's Game, obviously, is to manage the unobtrusive way that splendid little youngsters can be unconsciously constrained into overriding the underhandedness of grown-ups. The young people of the hero is such a significant plot component that it isn't at any danger of being overlooked, anyway it is so unmistakable that it might be in danger of being overlooked with regards to understanding the more unpretentious purposes of the work. In Riddley Walker, the hero is depicted similar to a man from the earliest starting point, and one reviews that the absolute first page portrays my naming day on which he turns into a man. However he is a youthful little man, only twelve years of age, what's more, even before the finish of the book he's not really a month past that. In spite of the fact that he is regarded both as a sexual and a thoughtfully prepared grown-up, there is no question that to our cutting edge eyes he should at present be a kid from multiple points of view, and this book is the tale of his moderate change into a grown-up. In the two cases, the change int... <!

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Seven Small European Festivals to be Excited About this Summer

Seven Small European Festivals to be Excited About this Summer Seven Small European Festivals to be Excited About this Summer Want to explore Europe this year? While the US might have Coachella and Burning Man, there’s a least a dozen edgier alternatives setting up camp on a European field somewhere this summer. With music festival season just around the corner, here are some of the best indie festivals happening in Europe this year. Secret Solstice, Reykjavik, Iceland June 15-18 From €89 (US$99) The sun never sets on Secret Solstice. Literally. Because of Iceland’s proximity to the Arctic Circle, the country gets long, night-free summers and winters submerged in near-total darkness. Expect whimsical discussions about the night, 24 hours of constant sunlight and an eclectic lineup of quirky (i.e. bizarre) Icelandic bands at this music festival, as well as some more recognizable international acts. On this year’s lineup are the wonderful and magnificent Rhye, The Prodigy and Foo Fighters. We recommend you take a dip in the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa surrounded by lava fields and mountain, and rent a car before or after the festival to explore the country’s majestic landscapes. Buy tickets here Lowlands, Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands August 18-20 €185 (US$209) Lowlands has blessed us with an incredible lineup this year. With Alt-J, The xx and Iggy Pop headlining, Lowland promises to be the Dutch music event of the year. Expect an experience somewhat similar to Glastonbury: it’s self-contained and has its own currency and radio-station. Buy tickets here Les Vieilles Charrues, Carhaix, France July 13-16 €44 a day (US$50) From its humble beginnings as an intimate gathering of friends just trying to “have a nice meal, sing a little and have something to drink”, Les Vieilles Charrues (The Old Plows Festival) has grown to see bands like Die Antwood or M.I.A in this year’s lineup, but - rest assured- it’s still got that lovely rustic Breton charm. The festival has its own currency - you top up your wristband with money online and pay for food and drinks with it - and a free campsite. Buy tickets here  or listen to this year’s playlist here. Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary August 9-16 €77 a day (US$86) One of the largest music festivals in Europe, Sziget Festival (literally “Island Festival”), is a week-long pop-rock festival that’s previously seen appearances from incredible bands like Sex Pistols, Fatboy Slim and Queens of the Stone Age. Names on this year’s bill include Alt-J, Rita Ora, PJ Harvey and Metronomy… Buy tickets here. Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finland August 11-13 €99 a day (US$ 111) This year’s lineup is utterly magnificent. Lana Del Rey, Young Thug, Frank Ocean, London Grammar, Aphex Twin, Goldfrapp, The XX, Flume: all the big names of hip-hop, jazz and electronic music will be there. Buy tickets here. Positivus, Salacgriva, Latvia July 14-16 €75,60 (US$84)Just off the Gulf of Riga, tucked away among the pines, Positivus has a bit more of a family feel - a flaw the utterly idyllic setting more than makes up for, with its arts and crafts market, theatre and art performances and cinema tent screening Latvian and international arthouse. Positivus has seen amazing performances in the past from the likes of M83, Sigur Rós, Iggy Pop, Moby, The XX, Kraftwerk and Damien Rice. Buy tickets here. Field Day, London, United Kingdom June 3 From £72 (US$92) If you’re familiar with British punk music from the seventies, you’ve probably already watched this amazing footage of The Clash performing White Riot at Victoria Park in 1978. Every year, the East London park rids itself of prams and yuppies and undergoes a total transformation: beer cans, face paint, glitter and delicious tunes. Big names on this year’s lineup include Aphex Twin, Arab Strab, Flying Lotus, Nicolas Jaar and Slowdive. Buy tickets here. Want to explore Europe this year? Discover seven of the best music festivals on the continent this year

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Is Impostor Syndrome A Disease Or Mental Disorder

â€Å"Impostor Syndrome refers to high-achieving individuals marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as fraud.† Impostor Syndrome (I.S.) has also been characterized as a fear of being â€Å"found out† or â€Å"exposed† as not being talented, smart, or not deserving of accomplishments. It is not a disease or mental disorder. I.S. has been cited to affect up to 70% of the population at some point in their life. It is especially common among graduate students and occurs frequently in this group compared to others. Individuals known to be high-achievers or perfectionists often experience feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, fear, depression, shame and self-doubt; all highly correlated with I.S. I.S.†¦show more content†¦I was always able to study for a few hours and somehow, I just remembered everything on my study guide. In high school and college, I was jokingly ridiculed for my success, but there were times when people became upset. I was the guy that always set the curve or got an A when other people were failing. It is interesting looking back on it, because I remember in high school I told myself not to try. I actively sabotaged myself to fit in. I started to notice what I know now as I.S. when I started graduate school. I have never been challenged like I was these last couple years. I was around the smartest people I had ever met. My professors would ask a question and someone was always there with the answer and early on, I did not even have a clue. This scared me! It caused me to dive deeper and deeper into my work. I developed a poor work-life balance. I stopped working out and made less time for family and friends. I had to make sure that I could keep up. I had to make sure that I could be a good clinician in the future. â€Å"I owe it to my future patients to do well.† I can remember during midterms and finals week, I kept my head down and kept working. I knew that all I had to do was get it done to feel better. I remember every new assignment added to an already full plate felt like defeat. I would feel numb sometimes. Interestingly, I always thought to myself that this is all part of the process and I should be able to do it. If I did not, I would beShow MoreRelatedSymptoms And Treatment Of Schizophrenia3448 Words   |  14 PagesABSTRACT Schizophrenia is a public health issue affecting 1% of the world population. Its disorders are characterized in general by distortions of thinking and perception, and by inappropriate or blunted affections. It still raises many doubts, anxieties and prejudices in relatives, friends and the entire society. The importance of overcoming the disease denial and prejudices is essential for the proper development of treatment. Gatherings from psychological and psychiatric observations blend inRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 PagesRealist Subjectivist Subjectivist . Chapter summaries 45 Chapter summaries Chapter 2: Modernist organization theory: back to the future? Underpinning modernism is the notion of the ‘ordered world’, the notion that chaos and disorder can be managed through human will and intent. In organization theory, this suggests the development of systems, bureaucracies and approaches to management that enable the creation of order in an environment that is fundamentally disordered. Fundamental

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The Debate Of Abortion And Abortion - 2390 Words

The subject of abortion is undeniably a difficult one to discuss. There are many different opinions and stances which could be taken, however, the question for Christians is just where they should stand on this matter. The issue is that if people (more specifically Christians) are not careful then they get caught up in the different stances, different questions, and different opinions. If this happens then they will not be able to make a firm standing against or for abortion while having facts to back up their stance. So, what should a Christians focus on? The main points a Christian should focus on to answer this question are ones such as, what does the Bible have to say on this subject? What are some main arguments against abortion? What are some main arguments for abortion? Finally, what are some counter arguments which can be used against the arguments for abortion? To begin, the Bible does not specifically speak about abortion in any particular part. There is not a place where God simply says â€Å"abortion is bad, do not do it,† there is not a section of the Bible where God says â€Å"this is a sin.† No, the Bible is not cut and dry on this issue, however, this does not mean that there are not verses which can be looked at to figure out what God s heart is on this matter. For instance, although God does not speak on this subject directly there are verses such as Matthew 19:14 where it says, â€Å"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heavenShow MoreRelatedThe Debate On Abortion And Abortion1063 Words   |  5 Pagesstand on abortion. By definition an abortion is the termination of a pregnancy and the expulsion of pregnancy tissue, including embryo, fetus, placenta, and membranes (Wicclair, Gosman 2005). In the recent years the debate on abortion has shifted to a different viewpoint that has reopened the conversation of abortion and has generated a healthy following for abortion control. The premise of abortion control is to implement community outreach programs that will help reduce the number of abortions. I feelRead MoreThe Debate On Abortion And Abortion1448 Words   |  6 PagesAbortion. This word leaves most people feeling uneasy after just saying it out loud. The discussion of abortion is continuously left open-ended with millions of opinions, arguments, and questions. Abortions occur every single day leaving potential fathers devastated or thrilled, leaving friends and families broken and distraught or in contrast, proud. More importantly, leaving the potential mother uncertain and even destroyed. But with abortion in mind, what is considered wrong and what is consideredRead MoreThe Debate On Abortion And Abortion1490 Words   |  6 Pagescontroversial issues floating around conversation. One that always catches my ear is the debate on abortion. Growing up in a republican household, and catholic for that matter, it was obvious that â€Å"pro-life† would be imprinted into my head. My whole family, not just my parents, are against abortion. Also going to church every Sunday and learning what my religion thought was right and wrong influenced me to believe that abortion was killing a life. Since I grew up with this influence I subconsciously thoughtRead MoreThe Debate Over Abortion On Abortion Essay1682 Words   |  7 Pagespolitical debate has existed in America, there has been a strong tension between the ideologies of conservatism and liberalism. While there are numerous differences between the two ideologies, the core of each is expressed clearly through the modern debate of abortion. The vision, ideals, and assumptions of each ideology can be identified through the way in which each ideology argues its position on abortion. The debate over abortion has been taking place since the 19th century. Abortions were legalRead MoreThe Debate About Abortion And Abortion1709 Words   |  7 PagesThe practice of abortion is an issue that has sparked controversy for many years. One of the initial problems that lead to the debate about abortion is the fact that, the definition of the term abortion varies from one field to another. The controversy arises because the language used to describe abortion â€Å"is a reflection of the societal beliefs of the people in that area† (McFarlane Meier 65). Generally, the World Health Organization defines abortion as induced or spontaneous termination of pregnancyRead MoreThe Abortion Debate2354 Words   |  10 PagesAdedayo Adeniyi November 13, 2008 Expository writing An abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterus, resulting in or caused by its death. An abortion can occur spontaneously due to complications during pregnancy or can be induced. Abortion as a term most commonly refers to the induced abortion of a human pregnancy, while spontaneous abortions are usually termed miscarriages. Abortion has a long history and has been induced by various methodsRead MoreThe Debate Over The Abortion Debate1097 Words   |  5 PagesIt is no surprise that the abortion debate has once again have brought into the mainstream focus this year. Yet, this time around the age old debate is now attacking organizations that offer such procedures, vilifying the entire organization for only one service it offers. This vilification has continuously gained momentum for ages, but it was the attack upon Planned Parenthood earlier this year that has brought the debate to head once again. Recently Pro-Life group s took up arms to destroy the organizationRead MoreAbortion : A Controversial Debate874 Words   |  4 PagesAbortion There truly is not a more controversial or passionate debate as the one on abortion. This issue is completely unique due to the firm line between groups that support or are against it. Whichever side a person finds themselves on, usually for many reasons, it becomes a fierce and firm position that will not waiver. In this case I am glad that people are so passionate, a human life is at stake. This subject should bring great feelings and beliefs up. I would be completely sickened if abortionRead MoreThe Abortion Debate Essay1544 Words   |  7 Pages No matter where you stand on the issue, abortion is a highly debated topic in today’s society. In this essay I will examine both sides of the abortion issue. I will begin with a brief overview of the abortion debate, to include the morality of the situation. Next I will discuss the Pro-Life argument. Lastly I will look at the Pro-Choice view. In the final analysis I will show how utilitarianism, altruism, and situational ethical views apply to abortion. Having in mind the extreme controversy surroundingRead MoreAbortion : A Controversial Debate888 Words   |  4 PagesAbortion is a highly debated and controversial topic within the United States. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. When you have an abortion, you decimate the life of a fetus in the womb prior to delivery. There were 5,013 abortions in the state of Oklahoma alone in 2013. In the same year, there were approximately, collectively in the United States, 983,000 total abortions performed. In addition, there have been almost 60 million abortions performed in the United States since

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Essay on Chanel No5 Advertisement - 660 Words

Chanel No5 Advertisement Throughout this advert, the producers use short shots to keep the viewers interested. The first shot is a high shot as the model walks across the ridge to the vault with a number 5 across it. This shot makes the model look small and innocent. Once the model opens the vault, the camera cuts to a behind shot. The viewers have not yet seen the models face, which adds the mystery to the advert and again keeps the viewers interested. The camera then cuts to in front of her and watches her slowly comes towards you but before you can focus on her face it cuts to the wall of Chanel No5 perfume bottles. There is another quick cut to behind the wall of bottles as the model†¦show more content†¦The camera cuts and with a high shot shows the wolf howling. This image then fades into the name of the product Chanel No5. This emphasises the product and reminds the viewers the product name. The sound in this advert is very dramatic and has a great effect. When the model is walking along the bridge towards the vault there is some light ethereal music playing gently in the background. Then as soon as she opens the vault the music bursts into strong, fairy-tale like music. This symbolises that in the vault there is something magical (the perfume). After the model has emerged from the vault the wolf appears and howls as the model leaves. This seems like he is grieving, as he has been defeated. The colour is very important in this advert. As the model is walking towards the vault the grand walls are a very dark, cold blue. Making it seems very sinister. The model is wearing a bright crimson cloak so this stands out against the dull background. As she enters the vault the room bursts open with light. The walls are a vibrant gold colour. It matches the colour of the perfume bottles so symbolising that the perfume is expensive and precious. Her red luscious lips match her red cloak. She has blonde delicate hair with slightly blushed cheeks. This almost suggests that if you use Chanel then you will also beShow MoreRelatedMaketing Report of Chanel2564 Words   |  11 PagesIntroduction Chanel started its business in Paris in 1909 and opened outlets in different countries for example, opened a boutique in 1913 in France, and it becomes one of the largest fashion brands in the world. It has produced clothing, footwear, handbags, cosmetics, fragrances and jewelries1 which are shopping goods. The characteristic of Chanel’s products are audacious, perfectionist, unique, passionate and visionary2. Chanel has won few FiFi awards which is a popular award in fragrance marketRead MoreMarketing Plan for Chanel N5 Perfume3426 Words   |  14 PagesExecutive Summary Chanel No.5 is one of the most popular perfume products on the market. The Chanel N5 has a constant mission to accomplish in satisfying it customers as well as the laws. It is crucial to keep a reasonable price and maintain high quality of the perfume product. Correspondingly, whenever the cost of the product decreases, it means the quality of the product lessens, and luxury product becomes ordinary. The word perfume derives from the Latin perfumare, meaning to smoke through.Read MoreLuxury Marketing- Louis Vuitton Marketing Strategy13307 Words   |  54 Pagesdistribution 27 Point of sales 27 Number of sales 28 Communication Mix 29 Marketing Problem 29 Media Objectives 30 Media plan/Schedule 30 Ad creation 31 Bus Posters 31 Billboards 32 Magazines 32 Social Networks 33 Print Advertisements 34 Street marketing 36 Financial Equations 37 5 Year Cost Vs. Profit Breakdown Analysis 37 2012 Revenue highlights 38 Promising Profitability for Timeless 39 Sales could Decrease from Product Cannibalism 40 Retroplanning 42 CorporateRead MoreLuxury Marketing- Louis Vuitton Marketing Strategy13318 Words   |  54 PagesChoice kind of distribution 27 Point of sales 27 Number of sales 28 Communication Mix 29 Marketing Problem 29 Media Objectives 30 Media plan/Schedule 30 Ad creation 31 Bus Posters 31 Billboards 32 Magazines 32 Social Networks 33 Print Advertisements 34 Street marketing 36 Financial Equations 37 5 Year Cost Vs. Profit Breakdown Analysis 37 2012 Revenue highlights 38 Promising Profitability for Timeless 39 Sales could Decrease from Product Cannibalism 40 Retroplanning 42 Corporate Deadlines

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Irony Salem Witch Trials free essay sample

The first began back in the 1600s in a little town known as Salem Massachusetts, where people were killed for crimes of witchcraft. The second instance, while not quite as known for bestowing rigor mortis still put ruin on the lives of many. Trials in the 1950s fueled by McCarthyism and the idea that communism was invading the United States led to the blacklisting of many people as supposed socialists. Arthur Miller saw the real story of the trials for supposed unamericans during his time and he set about making it known to the public. However, had miller outright stated his views he would have found himself in the same position as those whos stories he tried to tell. Therefore he devised a creative solution; he wrote a story based on events in the Salem witch trials that is nearly perfectly symbolic of the McCarthyism trials. Millers extensive [use of] irony in the crucible reveals the actual motives behind events carried out during the Salem witch trials, and thereby he exposes the dark truth of what happened during 1950s McCarthyism trials on Unamerican activities. Even in the very beginning Miller wastes no time in describing the abject of his play. Some circumstances surrounding the ritual committed by the girls are near perfect representations of dramatic irony, that bring to light innocent people accused during both sets of trials. Most obvious concerns the girls lies about the nature of their time spent together it the woods. Readers will undoubtedly conclude that they were in fact practicing witchcraft of their own accord when the Reverend Parris found them, as Mary warren exclaims once the adults have departed, â€Å"its a sin to conjure, and we. (20) However, when confronted as to the purpose of their presence in the woods, Abagail and her friends falsely claim they only were in the process of innocent dancing. As they blame all their satanic actions on the slave girl Tituba, the dramatic irony of the situation becomes apparent. They are undoubtedly responsible for crimes of witchcraft, but no other characters in the story are aware of that fact and are willing to put all the blame on the next person in line. Through this irony Miller shows the attitude of these girls in the Salem witch trials; that they in fact lie to save themselves from the conviction of witchcraft, even though they end up putting their blame on a guiltless party. And yet a similar irony reveals itself in the subsequent dialogue of Tituba. She forced nothing whatsoever upon the girls, for at one point her claim reveals that â€Å"she [meaning Abagail] beg me to conjure! (44) Yet when this slave girl is grilled by the Reverend Hale and other men she admits to their accusations and forces herself to start calling out the names of people who also were supposedly affiliated with the devil. Dramatic irony oozes from her confession. Readers can infer that she lies by admitting to her meeting with the devil, but only in an effort to prevent her death. Although the other characters in the story only know to believe the lie she was forced to tell, and take it that all the individuals on her list are unquestionably guilty. Thus, through this dramatic irony Miller shows that the true motive of Tituba, like Abagail and the other girls, reflects her escape from the punishment associated with telling the truth. Miller included these ironies to explain how the names of devil worshipers called out were done out of fear, and were in actuality not true by any stretch of the imagination. Nonetheless, this event to strikes a comparison to the 1950s. Many of the accused communists were promised significantly lower charges should they reveal the names of others who allied with them in socialist shenanigans. ar 43) Through his dramatic Irony Miller remarks that in the McCarthyism trials when faced with the choice of punishment versus placing part of the blame on others, people responded in the same fashion as 300 years previous. He exposes to his readers to the idea that many of the convicted Reds were not guilty of anything, and that the dark and terrible situations where the Government sentenced people on the fal se accusations of others actually occurred. Other peculiar instances of dramatic irony reveal self centered claims made during the trials. Particularly this becomes known when Abagail and the other girls serve as God sent judges of satanic acts. As the story progresses Abagails true desire for Elizabeth Proctors husband becomes apparent. In Act 2 Scene 2, which was removed after the original production, she explains to John, â€Å"i will make you such a wife when the world is white again! † (150) Her lust for him is matched only by her determination to continue her facade of holiness. This explains the true purpose behind the conviction she made upon Elizabeth Proctor. She wanted to eliminate Johns wife in order to take him for herself. Still, Abagails action conveys a significantly different meaning for residents of Salem. They still only think she intends to identify potential devil worshipers in their midst. Readers can understand irony lies in the fact that most citizens have no knowledge of Abagails attempt to take John. Miller reveals that her true intentions are to misuse the power she has been given to separate a man she wants from his legitimate wife. Dramatic Irony also surrounds the willingness of the people to readily accept decisions made by the girls. In the introduction Miller is careful to explain the ideal conditions that exacerbated the witch hunts. Among them is the fact that a â€Å"long-held hatred of neighbors could now be openly expressed. Land-lust could now be elevated to the arena of morality. † (7) He means to say that regardless of the peoples true opinion, more often than not old grudges factored into their reaction about the trials. This is further proven as Giles Coreys deposition â€Å"states that you, [Mr. Putnam], coldly prompted your daughter to cry witchery† so that he could â€Å"kill his neighbors for their land. † (96) Irony exists in that while it may seem the characters only wish to purify their village, they in fact take advantage of the trials in an attempt to eliminate their enemies. And through this Irony Miller shows that real reason as to why the witch trials are so easily accepted by the people of Salem. As with Abagial Williams they see it as a chance to carry out their own selfish desires, be they for land or otherwise. Moreover The crucible yet again draws an important parallel to the 1950s. Namely â€Å"it was not unheard that Americans would take their own political and economic disputes to the courts. A case about communism almost never sided with the defendant. † (jr 53) Miller attempts to show that the McCarthyism trials had their fair share of people involved only for personal gain. This fact hits very hard with the public â€Å"for power lies in the hands of the people and if they are corrupt there may be no hope for democracy itself. (89) Miller shows this tragedy in the Salem witch trials to expose the potentiality of greedy and narcissistic claims made in the 1950s. There exists no doubt that some of the accusations were untrue and forged under selfish notions in both time periods, and a result that the Government unfortunately punished people unfairly. While Miller should be called nothing less than a master of dramatic irony, he manages to use situational irony in the Crucible a s well. Specifically to show how impossible it was to even defend the victims in the two sets of trials. One such case involves the event whereby John Proctor hands Danforth â€Å"a sort of testament† in which â€Å"the people signing it declare their good opinion of Rebbecca, ump; my wife [Elizabeth Proctor], and Martha Corey. † (93) The expectation seems that the governor would take the names and consider it a possible justification for the release or at least the reconsidering of the three well respected women. However Governor Danforths legitimate response to arrest all names who signed the list, appears quite interesting. It feels undoubtedly ironic because it does the complete opposite of the expected action associated with such a letter. However this whole act reveals the truth that John only sought to free his wife from her physical chains but he is painfully unsuccessful. â€Å"Moreover, he is completely rejected and ends up causing more harm than good† (bb 5) The rest of signers to his petition may see him as traitor after their arrest, but he never expected the situation to turn against him as it did. Perhaps the most apparent occurrence of this type of situational irony lies within in the part of Act III when Elizabeth Proctor, upon being asked about her husbands adultery, simply says â€Å"my husbandis a goodly man, sir. † (113) Her and Johns purposes were only in the best interest of each other, but the overall outcome was drastically different. John thought that his wife who always tells the truth would admit knowledge of his lechery, and as a result Abagails persecution of his wife would stop. Elizabeth on the other hand misunderstood the nature of the question, and thought by lying she would protect her husband from the gallows. Both cases lead to the irony, because husband and wife expected to save each other and yet in effect ended up only worsening the situation. However this tragic example of irony does reveal the true intentions of John and Elizabeth proctor, that they only wanted to do what was best for each other and would go to great lengths to accomplish that. The reality of the Salem trials is that people had honorable motives which ultimately were turned against them. Miller is drawing yet another parallel to McCarthyism. He wants his readers to think about how exactly so many socialists were blacklisted or otherwise hurt. Even those who defended them had their words twisted and ideas flipped to the point that they only accomplished the exact opposite of what they intended. (PR 4) The Crucible shows why individuals only hesitantly make claims in favor of the accused, for those that do only end up causing more harm in the end. On that note another classification of situational irony in the crucible exposes corruption in the very law system itself. Abagail and the girls are the source from which all alleged convictions of witchcraft and satanic acts are gathered, and â€Å"the children certainly do testify. † (100) Yet as Hale states while pointing at Abagail â€Å"this Girl has always struck me false. † (114) The people of the town have let themselves get carried away on the rantings of a bunch of teenage girls who claim to see spirits flying around, and theyve let the situation escalate to the point where there is no logic to anything. (RP 32) The irony is that the court system which is supposed to reveal the truth is acting under the guidance of a group of liars. Miller reveals that the actual reasoning behind the courts decisions has no basis in any legal practice whatsoever. On top of that the court officials almost seem as if they want to convict people. Danforth almost proudly exclaims, â€Å"and do you know near to four-hundred are in the jails from Marblehead to Lynn, and upon my signature? † (87) He would rather people not confess to satanic actions and make an example of them for the future. The irony here seems blatantly obvious, because a law system exists to protect the people from wrongdoing. It is better to let the guilty go free than to convict the innocent. † (Mr. Mac) In this case, the law keepers have seemingly forgotten their purpose, and instead of trying to rid the world of witchcraft, their true movies are instead based around trying to attain as many convictions as possible. A third instance of situational irony that exposes flaws in the court goes back to the confession of John proctor. He finally admits to his sin after months of concealing it and then Danforth and the court bluntly say to him â€Å"she spoke nothing of lechery, and this man has lied. † (113? This shows that when an actual bit of truth is presented to the lawmen, they reject it and again side with the liars. The situational irony lies in the fact that when Proctor confesses his sin, the court rejects his confession altogether on only the evidence of his wifes claim. These three examples of irony are perhaps the most important of all in relation to McCarthyism. They reveal that the court itself may represent unfairness in its proceedings. (jr 23? ) Miller urges his readers to believe that the judges not only believed liars and rejected the truth, but also that they pushed for the convictions rather than a fair trial.